Time To Take Class!

Time To Take Class!

2 Seasons

Madame Olga stays true to the purity of Russian ballet while at the same time pushing artistic boundaries to evolve dance into the future. She brings joy and laughter to ballet with hopes of students reaching their true potential. Class is open to all levels and ages. All are welcome into Madame Olga’s magical world.

Time To Take Class!
  • Madame Olga "Turn out is open!" NEW CLASS

    Madame Olga takes you back to old glamour, the classic ballet's you love, and reconnecting to yourself!

  • About Madame Olga

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    Go backstage and learn about how a little Russian girl became Madame Olga.

    “I always dreamed of dancing on the biggest stages of the world. Those dreams came true, and I love passing on my knowledge as a ballerina. The career I’ve had is priceless and I want to give everything I know. Life did ...

  • Madame Olga "We Are Light" NEW CLASS!

    Madame Olga brings us together reminding us that the light is within you, and together we can shine brighter than ever! Finishing with a surprise 1980's dance party!

  • Madame Olga "Be The Role!"

    Madame Olga isn’t satisfied until all of her students understand how to be the role! And please get your leg up!

  • Madame Olga "Lets Cut To The Feeling!"

    Madame Olga gives a clear, well structured barre and center then decides to let loose and “Cut to the Feeling!”

  • Madame Olga "Breathing and the Body"

    Madame Olga emphasizes body, breath connection, striving for a more full body experience and vibration. Plus a little piano playing too!

  • Madame Olga "Take a Walk On The Wild Side"

    Maybe it’s the tiger print, or maybe it’s just the mood, but Madame Olga gets a little wild today in class and she sure doesn’t hold herself back! A touch of Ariana Grande, then a hint of Bette on the piano!

  • Madame Olga "Sparkle and Shine"

    Madame Olga takes you on a journey from footwork to freedom and then into a flashback with some surprise 80’s music!

  • Madame Olga "It's Time For Class!"

    Episode 8

    Madame Olga pushes her students to explore their dramatics, dig artistically deeper and stop with the excuses while dressed to impress in this glorious gypsy look that was reviewed as “One of her best looks yet” by Russian Vogue Magazine.

  • Find Your Center with Madame Olga EXTRA!

    Madame Olga leads you thru an intimate, personal meditation to remind you of the power of the beautiful energy thats already exists inside of you!

  • Madame Olga "Turkey Day" NEW CLASS!

    Madame Olga pours her heart out in the spirit of giving and being thankful in this special Thanksgiving Day ballet class!

  • Madame Olga "Point Your Feet" NEW CLASS!

    Madame Olga dives into swimming, jelly fish and sharks in this fun filled class full of surprises!

  • Madame Olga "The Floor Is Your Friend!" NEW CLASS

    A bit more fast paced class, Madame Olga pushes harder, repeating some combinations for stamina while always reminding her students of their emotional capacity.